Foundation Board

Francis Waldvogel, Honorary President, is a professor of medicine and a leading figure in the Swiss academic system. He has been Director of the Department of Medicine in Geneva, Vice-President of the Swiss Science and Technology Council, President of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology and co-founder of the World Knowledge Dialogue, a platform promoting a better dialogue between the natural sciences and the humanities and social sciences. He has chaired the Novartis Venture Fund, supporting the development of more than sixty start-ups in the medical sciences, as well as various institutions with humanitarian, social and inclusive finance objectives.

Francesco Lomonaco, president, is a musician and an expert in innovative forms of organisation. He currently works at RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) and has over twenty years of experience in software development and digital transformation in Italy, France, the UK and Switzerland.

Véronique Veyrassat has developed a broad experience in sustainable development with over twenty-five years of experience in Switzerland, the Emirates and South Africa. She founded 360impact in 2013 and advises companies, family offices, foundations and investment funds in developing and auditing social and environmental strategies, as well as managing their impact. Prior to her consulting activities, Véronique held senior positions in leading companies and foundations.

Léonard Bouchet, after fifteen years of experience in the field of digital development and transformation with public and private companies, has been managing the Digital Production and Data and Archives departments of RTS (Swiss Radio and Television) since 2013, where he is introducing new modes of collaboration and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence.